What if you could experience...
Vibrant energy,
A good night's sleep,
A pain-free body, and
Positive emotions every day?

Join me in Heaven's Garden.
With Teri Secrest as your guide, you will rid your home of health-destroying foods and products, and turn towards life-giving ones. Every page offers important information, inspiration, and encouragement to start your health journey in Heaven’s Garden today.
What Readers Are Saying About Heaven's Garden

Business Owner offers Heaven's Garden to her fitness clients!
My mother-in-law gave me your book!
I love it. It’s exactly what I believe and teach to all my clients. I own a personal training studio in California. I actually put your book on my business Facebook page for all my clients to buy your book. I even love your spiritual beliefs. Just wanted to thank you for your book. 
Lorraine Plowman, Dimensional Fitness